Myrtle Philip Community School Communicator 23/24 » March 15th 2024

March 15th 2024

P.A.W.S by Sam Smith
Congratulations to this week's PAWS ticket winner! Waverly Lawrie-Lie
Congratulations to last month's PAWS ticket winner! Owen Klassen

Dear Parents,


We are excited to announce a positive change to our school supplies system for the upcoming 2024-2025 academic year. Starting next school year, teachers will be responsible for ordering their own supplies for their classes. This change aims to make the process more affordable, easier to manage, and reduce waste. By allowing teachers to directly select the materials they need, we anticipate a more efficient distribution process and a better alignment with classroom needs. We hope to ensure that resources are utilized effectively while minimizing unnecessary expenses.


Funds will be collected from student fees and allocated toward the cost of classroom supplies. Please resister for school cash online to make it easier to pay your 2024-2025 school supplies fees in the fall. 


Thank you for your continued support as we strive to enhance the educational experience for our students. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Warm regards,

Myrtle Philip Community School

Next Week at a Glance
March 11th- March 15th 
Saturday March 16th-Monday April 1st
  • Spring Break
Sunday March 17th
  • St. Patrick's Day Click here to learn more about St. Patrick's Day
Thursday March 21st
  • International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination: Click here to learn more about this day.
  • World Downs Syndrome Day: Click here to learn more about this day. 
Monday March 25th
  • Holi: Click here to learn more about Holi Festival of Colours
Sunday March 31st
  • National Indigenous Languages Day: Click here to learn more about the day.
  • International transgender day of visibility: Click here to learn more about the day.  
Friday March 29th- Monday April 1st
  • Easter : Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday: Click here to learn more about Easter in Canada. 
!!!Note: There will be no hot lunch during this first week back to school!!!
Tuesday April 2nd
  • First day back from Spring Break
  • Monthly PAWS ticket winner
Wednesday April 3rd
  • Pac Meeting 8:30 in the Millar Room
  • Drum Making workshop with Lydia Williams: Division 3
  • Staff Meeting 3:00 in the Library
Thursday April 4th
Friday April 5th
  • Weekly PAWS ticket winner





We would like to update you on the grant from the Ministry of Education and Childcare to make back-to-school more affordable for students and their families struggling with rising costs of living due to global inflation. We are mindful that many families in our community are struggling with the increased cost of living. We want every family to know that they are eligible for financial assistance through the Student & Family Affordability fund, no questions asked.


This one-time funding support (this year) will be allocated towards school-related expenses, including:

  1. School supplies
  2. Field Trip funds
  3. Family food security
  4. Basic necessities
  5. Clothing/footwear
  6. Other necessities

The funds will be available through gift cards from Nesters for foods and other supplies. We will also continue to support anyone who requires assistance with paying to participate in our hot lunch program. If you require support in one of the other above areas, feel free to inquire and we will do our best to accommodate on a case-by-case basis. 


If you would like to access the affordability fund, please let the office know by email to myself at [email protected] & share what you may need support for from the above list. Please be patient while we organize getting these gift cards and a system in place to support our families. If for whatever reason you have not heard back from me within a week, please re-send just in case it was missed. We don’t want any barriers for you to receive this support.


The School District is happy to announce that they are also partnering with local food banks to specifically support school food programs.  At Myrtle Philip we receive lunch items weekly from Whistler Community Services Society.  Thank you to the volunteers who make this program possible. 


Bikes On School Grounds
Here at Myrtle Philip we have a few rules regarding bikes on school property. These rules are intended to keep our students safe while on school grounds. All adults and children on school property during school time as well as during drop off and pick up must follow these following safety rules. 
All on duty staff will be expected to enforce these rules and it is expected that they be spoken to in a respectful manner when doing so. 
These rules are in place for all types of bikes at all times of the year. Types of bikes may include, but are not limited to standard bikes, e-bikes, bikes with chariots, skateboards, scooters, and anything else that may resemble a bike in any capacity. 
  1. Bikes MUST be walked at all times on school property, with the exception of the actual roadways in the parking lot and bike loop. There should never be anyone riding any sort of bike on a sidewalk, a walkway or a crosswalk for any reason. Bikes should be dismounted from at the bottom of the Valley Trail hill (in the parking lot area), and before the green garbage can in the bus loop area. 
  2. Bikes on the roadways MUST follow traffic laws and the flow of traffic. The bus loop must be entered on the same side a car would enter and ridden through in the same direction a car would go, and the parking lot should be ridden through in the same direction as cars drive.
  3. If a staff member asks you to dismount from your bike for any reason that staff member must be treated in a respectful manner and the direction must be followed.  
It is important that these rules be consistently followed in order to be permitted to continue riding a bike on school property. 
Dropping off and picking up our children from school can be a stressful time. It is important that we make sure that they are getting to where they need to go safely. Here are the following parking guidelines for drop off and pick up. 
  1. When dropping off or picking up in the bus loop parents must remain IN THEIR CARS at all times. This means no helping little ones with seatbelts, backpacks, or walking them to their classrooms. It is integral for safety that while in the bus loop the driver is always in the vehicle and behind the wheel. 
  2. Parking in the bus loop is also prohibited. This is a quick drop off or pick up area. If you need to park please continue to the parking lot to do so. 
  3. Children are walking through the parking lot all the time, please slow down to ensure safety.