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Criminal Records Check & Driver Applications


All volunteers must have a completed and valid Criminal Record Check on file prior to volunteering at the school. If driving, all volunteers must also submit a Volunteer Driver Application, which includes 1) SD48 Volunteer Driver Authorization Form and 2) ICBC Driving Record (Driver's Abstract).

Criminal Record Check
Myrtle Philip Community School is enrolled in the Ministry of Public Safety’s Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP). This allows us to complete criminal record checks online at no charge for volunteers. All Criminal Record Checks must be submitted through this program. 
    • Website: https://justice.gov.bc.ca/criminalrecordcheck  ACCESS CODE: RRH2MGC9YH
    • The results will be automatically forwarded to the school office - please do NOT keep submitting if you don't receive your results. Contact the clerical assistant at the school to ask if it has been received or is on file before re-submitting a request
    • They are valid for two years 
    • If you do not have a BC Services Card, please contact the school office at [email protected] to fill out a form and verify your identity in person
Volunteer Driver Application 
This must be done each new school year. The application includes two components:
  1. A completed SD48 Volunteer Driver Authorization form (attached below)
  2. ICBC Personal Driving Record: Driving Records (icbc.com) You can enter the school office email address - [email protected] - on the ICBC website so that we receive the results directly.
      ***Please DO NOT SEND A DRIVER FACTOR REPORT - check the box titled Personal Driving Record***