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Parents & Community Visiting During School Hours

All volunteers must have a completed and valid Criminal Record Check on file prior to volunteering at the school. Once completed, a CRC is good for five years. They can be submitted in two ways:
1. Online using your BC Services Card at the following website:
Please Note: The results from this method will be automatically forwarded to the school office - please do NOT keep submitted if you don't receive your results. Contact the clerical assistant at the school to ask if it has been received or is on file before re-submitting a request. 
2. If you do not have a BC Services Card, please contact the school office at mrussbueldt@sd48.bc.ca to fill out a form and verify your identity in person to submit one through the provincial program.
3. RCMP:
    • You must first contact the clerical assistant at the school to receive a signed letter, which can then be taken to the local RCMP in person. The results of the RCMP criminal record check must then be picked up by the applicant and provided to the school.