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Reporting Absence or Lates


If Your Child is Absent

  1. Please call into the office (604-932-5321) or send an email to Marissa Russbueldt ( and CC your child's teacher.  Please indicate the reason for absence and the child's first and last name. We keep track of students who are away sick and report out to the public health authorities if it reaches a critical point.  



Students arriving after 8:30am

  1. Sign in - If you are arriving late (after 8:30am) parents must come into the office and sign in their child.  We have created a dedicated “arrival binder” to ensure an accurate record of when students have entered into our facility after the second bell (8:30), and when and who has signed them in.
  2. Late Slip - After signing in, students will take a late slip to indicate to Teachers that they have signed into the binder at the office.  This communication loop is critical, as it informs the Teacher that they have been marked as late in the office.
  3. Head to Class - Teachers post their attendance to MyED (our student information system).  When a student is marked as an excused absence (Parents have phoned into the office to let us know) or have signed in late,  we will not send home communication.  We do send home emails at approximately 9am after attendance is posted and lates have been cross-checked at the office.



Parents/community visiting during school hours

  1. Criminal Record Check – If you are coming in to volunteer, all volunteers must have a completed criminal record check on file.  These CRCs last two years, and can be done online.
    2. Access code is RRH2MGC9YH


  1. Sign in at the office – When you arrive at the school please enter from the front doors and check in/sign in at the office.   Here Robyn will issue you a visitor’s badge.     
    1. This will allow us to ensure we track who is in the building at different times in case of an emergency/critical incident.
  2. Wear Visitor’s badge – this way staff and students know you have checked in at the office. 
  3. Return Visitor’s Badge and sign out when leaving the school.