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Attendance Procedures

Attendance email: [email protected]

Office phone: 604-932-5321 



  • Please call the office or send an email (cc'ing your child's teacher as well)  
  • Indicate the child's first and last name and the duration of the absence
  • If your child is unexcused, an absence email will be sent out by 9:30am after attendance is posted and lates have been cross-checked at the office


  • Notify the office if your child will be late using the same method as above
  • Sign In – students who arrive after 8:30am must come into the office and sign the "Late Sign In" binder (this is to communicate arrival between teachers and the office, as well as update our attendance records) before going to class

Early Pick Ups

  • Notify the teacher and the office of the pick-up time
  • Students are to wait in the office at the designated time for their parent or guardian to arrive
  • Sign Out - a parent or guardian must sign out students in the "Early Sign Out" binder so we know they have been picked up safely


Children Sent Home

  • Our policy is to send students home who are ill or injured during the school day as soon as possible
  • Our practice is to call parents and ask that the student be picked up - for this reason, it is important that parents keep updated work and emergency phone numbers in our office files.
  • Students are not allowed to walk home early