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Welcome Back

Dropping off and picking up our children from school can be a stressful time. It is important that we make sure that they are getting to where they need to go safely. Here are the following parking guidelines for drop off and pick up. 
  1. When dropping off or picking up in the bus loop parents must remain IN THEIR CARS at all times. This means no helping little ones with seatbelts, backpacks, or walking them to their classrooms. It is integral for safety that while in the bus loop the driver is always in the vehicle and behind the wheel. 
  2. Parking in the bus loop is also prohibited. This is a quick drop off or pick up area. If you need to park please continue to the parking lot to do so. 
  3. Children are walking through the parking lot all the time, please slow down to ensure safety. 
Next Week at a glance
September 12th-September 16th
Monday September 12th
Tuesday September 13th
Wednesday September 14th
  • PAC Welcome back BBQ 5:00-7:00pm
               *The PAC is always looking for parent volunteers to help put on these types of events*
Thursday September 15th
Friday September 16th

Dear Parents,


I am very excited to see this school year off to an amazing start.  There is a positive energy in our classrooms and with our staff and students that is truly exciting.  


As we move into the weekend I just wanted to inform you that we have successfully moved into our new classroom placements for the year, and also comment on our class placement process.   As always, this is a delicate process, and requires considerable consultation with myself, our learning services team and our teachers.  I have been very impressed with the care and concern of our staff in developing our class compositions this year.  I know this is an anxious time for students and parents,  however we are very fortunate to have such a dedicated and professional group of Teachers and EA’s who have put in their heart and soul into the process to ensure the best possible placement for each individual child.   After a considerable amount of work, we are very pleased with the outcomes and configurations of the students for this school year.    


Our philosophy for class placements is always built on creating a sense of balance (in the classroom and in the school).  We look at the whole child, and build balanced classrooms based on students social/emotional capacity, academic learning, etc.  We consider the competencies outline in our district education plan, and discuss how students work collaboratively (how and who they work well with), how they display creative and innovative thinking, etc..  It is a complicated and intricate process, but I am very confident that we have put ourselves to task to ensure we have built the best classroom compositions possible for our students.   


Because of the hard work of staff,  we were able to move forward today into our new classrooms.   We know for students and parents it is easier to know who their classroom teacher is before we move into the weekend.  It is also a relief for students to get to have some time with their new teachers to dispel some of the unknown for them.  Today It was a smooth process and it was great to see our students so excited and happy about their new classrooms. 


That being said,  we know that this is an emotional day, and can release different feelings for students, especially if the outcome was a little different than what they had pictured in their head.  Please assure your child that we have undergone a rigorous process to ensure the configurations and class placements will work well for everyone.  I am extremely confident in our team.   What we typically find is that students often are able to see the value of their new class placement after a few days/week of being in their new assignment.   


If you have questions or concerns about class placement I am happy to talk through the process with you. 


We will be posting class lists outside the classroom doors just before Monday morning and we will also have a master list at the office if you need support locating your child’s new class.   


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and look forward to seeing you Monday morning. 

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